IUDRO Press Release

Ahead of the upcoming 2020 season, the Edinburgh-based start up has won the contract to supply all the sports kit to IUDRO registered universities due to their commitment to high-quality student sportswear.
The news comes months before the official beginning of the IUDRO 2020 Season, with the UK National Championships taking place in March 2020.

“We’ve very happy to award Rival Kit with the Season’s contract, because of their perspective on the market and what they bring to the table; eco-friendly and ethically produced items, at student-friendly prices“ stated Alejandro, Chief Executive of IUDRO.

“The UK National Championships will attract universities from the UK and abroad, as well as the many fans and alumni of our top-tier competing universities – this is a great way of uniting teams together”

Established in 2017, Rival Kit provides fast, reliable and student-orientated sportswear. As two University of Edinburgh undergraduates and ex-performance athletes, founders Ryan Morrison and Jenny Stevenson understand student needs within the custom sports clothing industry. Having worked with Universities for quite some time their process works in parallel with University procedures.

“We are keen to not just stop here, but to keep pushing ourselves forwards to be the best that we can be, just as all of the pilots are every day in training“ added Ryan. “We are constantly improving our technical garments, ensuring that we test them out in all conditions: both on the water and off the water, on the field and off the field, rain or shine”

”We’re absolutely delighted to be working with the world’s first university-dedicated drone racing business, and be a part of this ever-growing industry - we’re also happy to announce e-sports jerseys will be available to purchase on our website in the coming months “

Social and community impact is at the heart of the Rival Kit story, and the business is rooted in three key values;Reliability, Accessibility and Approachability. Partnering with RTHM, Rowing Together for Healthy Minds, Rival Kit supported the charity’s mission to raise the profile of mental health in rowing. Producing high-quality charity baselayers for rowing clubs across the country, all profits were donated to the mental health charity, Mind. From the beginning, Rival Kit has been committed to promoting social enterprises and student initiatives.

“The whole purpose of the 2020 Season to dramatically increase the quality of the previous year, to produce a
premium sports event” added Alejandro. “This is a step in the right direction”