Guaranteed Business Growth Training Seminar

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Tuesday, 29 January, 2019 - 08:00 to 15:30

Guaranteed Business Growth Training Seminar


The Social Media Academy - Sponsored by South and City College


Birmingham City Football Club
Birmngham B9 4RL
United Kingdom

A Guaranteed Business Growth Seminar. Designed for Individuals and Organisations/Companies.

Our programme and techniques, if followed, will guarantee business growth.

You will also learn a range of sustainable ways to keep ahead of your competition, giving your business a kick start in 2019.

There is a lot of information below, however, it may take a few minutes to read (and maybe worth it) as the training is proven to make a huge positive impact on revenues, brand exposure and hiring the team!

The event is sponsored by South and City College Birmingham and Bournville college patrons of Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

Do you want more of the RIGHT clients/customers?

Increased revenues?

Better Brand exposure to the right audience?

To create a sustainable, cost-effective competitive advantage?

This event guarantees all of the above and much more....

Would you agree?

Targeting the RIGHT new business is critical and creating an endless lead opportunity funnel. So building beneficial commercial relations are key ingredients for any business to sustain future growth.

From this seminar, you will take away strategies that you can implement immediately. This event is also a great business networking opportunity! The seminar will start with an introduction from the Principal (CEO) the of Colleges, Mike Hopkin's and how his team has taken colleges from a £26m business to over a £70m business, based on relationships and great teamwork. 

Technology is advancing by the minute, new competition is springing up in your town and from all over the world.

Businesses need to constantly develop and innovate to keep ahead of the competition, attract the right new business and retain their current customers. There are proven strategies to do this, and the tools to make the job easier too! You also need to reach those business requirements faster and with less cost!

Time is our largest competitor, so how do we become even more productive?

Some of the world’s largest companies are dominating the marketplace within just a few years of being a startup, and with no prior business experience. Their success and exponential growth are mainly due to the quality of their original idea and how they leverage the digital space, especially with today’s social media platforms. The most important contributing factor is still word of mouth, but in today’s technological age, it is the digital word of mouth that is also crucial. Our aim at the event is to demonstrate how to maximize digital social media for your business’ competitive advantage and build future success.

Some business success stories

  • Uber – Largest taxi company in the world owns no taxis. The company started in 2010 in just one location and has grown to become a global presence.
  • Paypal – One of the world’s largest financial organisations, which owns no financial products as such. It started in 1999 as an online security company and has grown to become a global household and commercial financial broker.
  • Amazon – The world’s largest retailer of other people’s products. It started in 1994 from a garage.
  • FedEx – Only started in 1971, yet recently acquired TNT who has been trading for over 70 years

Watch the short video below:

This company went from a startup to selling to Salesforce for $745m. They stated most of their growth came from LinkedIn – finding and targeting the right clients.

What does training seminar offer?

95% of businesses in this region do not leverage certain business growth tools, as LinkedIn, to their full advantage. LinkedIn has over 25 million people in the UK registered as users. However, the majority of them still think the purpose of LinkedIn is just to showcase a digital CV.

However, LinkedIn can grow your business, open up vital business relationships and create more business opportunities than any other medium. More importantly, it gives you a competitive edge over businesses operating in the same sector.

LinkedIn provides unprecedented means to accelerate your company’s sales cycle by tapping into its 500M+ members (over 25m in the UK), 3M+ Companies and 2M+ group conversations. As a key business manager, you have the means and reach to dramatically increase the value of LinkedIn for demand generation, deal closing, relationship management, hiring the right sales teams and growing the right management team.

Mike loves to see business thrive and grow and this is a key value for him, especially in the Birmingham and surrounding regions. South and City College Birmingham has recently acquired Bournville College and wants to support growth in this region. Mike has teamed up with the UK’s No1 growth strategist Mark Hamilton-Taylor to deliver a training seminar on how business can leverage LinkedIn and Google to demonstrate the takeaway as mentioned.

You’re in safe hands, as Mark was asked to build academic qualifications in social media, built the UK’s most successful apprenticeship and also delivered solutions for Google, Enterprise Rent a Car, Premier League football clubs, Chambers of commerce, law societies, and many different industries.

What will you take away from this seminar?

The training is a live session, so bring laptops and see immediate results. It will explore the following sustainable business solutions that can be implemented immediately:

  • Reduced closing rates
  • Increased revenues
  • More relevant connections
  • Better opportunities
  • A proven referral system
  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Better live (as it happens) communications
  • Creating live databases
  • Customer insights
  • Competitive advantage
  • Reduced acquisition costs
  • Brand awareness
  • Increased traffic to your website

You will learn to accelerate sales and connect with the key decision-makers of your top 100 customers. Business is about people, however nurturing relationships takes time.

You will learn to utilise LinkedIn efficiently to:

  • Establish resilient and direct channels of communication
  • Remain top of mind for your customers and provide them with the necessary attention
  • Cement enduring relationships
  • Keep tabs on your contacts’ movements, interests, and needs – in real-time

What you will need:

A charged-up laptop, and your charging cable, notepad and pen. As much energy as you can, as we are cramming a two-day seminar into one day. An open mind as this will go against the grain but will produce results. Business cards. A colleague from work as the information will be abundant and worth sharing!


8:00 am – 8.45 am: Networking and breakfast included

8.45 am – 9:00 am: Introduction – Mike Hopkins Cheif Exec South and City College - Bournville College

9:00 am – 10.30 am: Part 1:

  • Introduction: Why LinkedIn? Facts and figures about this network and how it can benefit the individual and their career.
  • Unlocking the potential of LinkedIn for you: Detailing the market and how to optimize your LinkedIn presence.
  • Setting goals: focused on the main target in terms of growth by setting individual and global goals.
  • LinkedIn: How does it work? Detailed tour around the platform and its functionalities.

10.30 am – 10.45 am: Break: coffee and refreshments

10.45am – 12.00pm: Part 2

  • LinkedIn Set Up: How to have a 5-star LinkedIn profile and to set up the profile.
  • Connections on LinkedIn: Psychological profile - analyzing profiles and the best ways to connect with people.
  • How to connect: Firstly, check the person’s profile and get a feel for their personality. By spending a few minutes analyzing their profile you can get a pretty good idea of how you need to speak and communicate with them.

12.00pm – 12.15pm:  How Apprenticeships can grow your business

12.15pm – 12.45pm: Lunch Included

12.45pm – 2:00pm: Part 3

  • Strategy definition: the best way to approach leads in order to achieve goals.
  • Implementing and execution of the strategy to generate leads.
  • How to engage: Optimize LinkedIn results, connecting with potential customers.
  • Analyzing the main sectors: 80% of growth from 20%.
  • Case studies: showing proven strategies on LinkedIn.
  • 1 to 1 analysis: individual checks of LinkedIn presence and revision of goals.

2:00pm – 2.15pm: Coffee break

2.15pm – 3.30pm: Part 4

  • Google, how to beat the system, the secret behind the keywords and how to get on the first page
  • How Google can work with Linkedin
  • How to leverage them both as a joined-up strategy
  • Your plan, a bespoke plan to you

3.30pm: Leaving with a bulletproof strategy and time to speak with the presenter

Some of our clients!

Ticket Cost: £295 VIP Ticket or £75 College Sponsored Ticket


Refund Policy: Refunds available up to 1 day before the event takes place

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