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Whether you’re a startup in need of a growth strategy, an established company looking to increase profitability, or somewhere in between, we’ll match you to a business advisor who has the commercial experience to guide you to success.


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We’re your single gateway to navigating the best private and public sector business support available. We’re your foot in the door, your insider knowledge, your expert resource. We’re in your corner.


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Since 2014, we’ve helped more than 3,000 businesses in Coventry and Warwickshire become more efficient, move into bigger premises, or increase competitiveness.


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Employee Engagement: Empower Your Team

It’s fair to say that getting established in business typically ignites a directive style in many of us. There’s a sense of immediacy with what needs to be done and as a Director/Owner you may well be operating with authority, directing those people who work for you towards a specific outcome. At this early stage you are getting to know the capabilities of your team, building your confidence in their delivery and often working through the daily crisis that crops up to keep your business alive. There’s no doubt that in the early days, a directive style is one that proves most useful.



Generate New Revenue Streams: The Sales Opportunity

Most companies have the ambition to grow and this generally means creating more sales and generating new revenue streams.

But there are a couple of key questions you need to ask before embarking on the process: Does the business have the potential to grow and how is it going to create this growth?

The first part of the process is very simple yet often overlooked. So, before anything else, take a step back and put some thought into it.

Then consider the following:



Making more of Patent Box

Too many businesses are missing out on a potential opportunity to claim tax relief on any profits earned from their patent-protected innovations and in some cases, this could be holding back their investment plans.



Cash is King: Anticipating the Future (Cashflow management)

It’s important to recognise that CASH is what keeps your business alive.   Despite the fact that cash is the lifeblood of a business many SMEs don’t truly have a handle on their cashflow.

At any stage of the business life cycle, cashflow is of vital importance to the health of your business. One saying is: “revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king.”

Put simply, businesses go bust in the long term because of the lack of sales or profit but, in the short term, they can fail because they don’t have enough cash to pay their bills. 



Protecting Your Company's Data

Possibly your most valuable business asset is the data you generate. It can be both confidential and commercially sensitive; it may contain financial or health records of individuals, trade secrets, customer records and company financial information.

You certainly wouldn’t want to lose it, and most likely don’t want others to see it without being authorised to do so for fear of adverse publicity, or worse, prosecution.



How to Have Difficult Conversations in Small Sized Businesses

As soon as you take on employees in your business you will, in time, face issues that need to be addressed by having a difficult conversation.  Sometimes in a small business you will have friends or family working for you.  Some of these individuals may have been with you since the early days and have supported you through business start-up and through tough times.  This does bring the risk that there will be a familiarity between employer and employee and when issues arise that need to be addressed you will inevitably be reluctant to address them.  Difficult conversations won’t be effectiv



Change the Script: Ideas When Recruiting

Back in the day, job ads were placed in magazines, newspapers and other types of media, requiring plenty of effort, time and money from businesses looking to employ new professionals. For companies who are under-staffed and looking to hire as quickly as possible, this proved to be a massive downfall. However, in an industry where change can be slow, recruitment methods have improved in recent years. We attribute this to the significant rise in the use of technology, social media and progressive testing methods.



Websites and Logos: Who owns the rights?

Chances are, if you’ve had the pleasure of getting hitched you will understand the slight feeling of moral outrage when you realise your wedding photographer owns the copyright in your wedding photos. (“But they’re photos of US!?!”).



Making Tax Digital

The tax system is undergoing its biggest overhaul since self-assessment was introduced in 1996 by making tax digital. By 2020, businesses and individual tax payers will be able to register, file and update their information at any time of the day or night to suit them, without the need to fill in the annual tax return. The new rules will make it more effective, efficient and easier for taxpayers, and will apply whether you have a trading business, or are a property landlord.



Have you got the basics right? Setting the foundations for employing staff

It’s such a significant milestone to take on your first employee. It is brilliant that you are getting busy and need some help, but it is so scary when suddenly you are responsible for earning enough to pay someone else’s mortgage and bills as well as your own! The “what if’s” start to keep you awake; what if it doesn’t work out, what if they don’t work how I do, what if my clients don’t like them, what if I can’t afford it…


Client feedback

The advice and support from the Growth Hub has worked wonders. We have been able to accelerate the growth and bring in more staff more quickly.

Urban Civil Engineering, Joint MD

GH were key in supporting us successfully apply for new racking, allowing us to take on more work and employ new members of staff.

Packsmart, MD

The GrowthHub have inspired us to take a fresh look at our business and the way we do things.

Nine Point High, Owner

Its made a big difference to the business in growth moving forward allowed us to expedite another 5 staff. Also your proactive approach of day to day business and your suggestions and advice have been very helpful. 

Lenoch Engineering, MD

I’m in a different place since approaching the GrowthHub

Byson Cables, Owner

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