Transforming the West Midlands

The WMCA have partnered with to upskill the West Midlands and connect people with great employment opportunities. Read on to find out more about and how we are going to help people secure their future.


  • are an online learning channel who offer courses from the best business minds across the globe.

What is their Mission?

  • Their mission is to give everyone the opportunity to upskill and advance their career. By providing inspiring content from global industry experts, enable people to open their minds and champion their work, and encourage businesses to make the necessary changes to become successful.

What is 'digital transformation' and why is it important?

  • Digital transformation involves digitising products and services and implementing these so they have strategic value. For many organisations, digital transformation is the key to improving the customer experience, increasing efficiency and staying prominent in their industry. Companies need to change in the right way to future-proof their businesses and empower their staff to change with them.

What is the Digital Skills Foundation Programme?

  • The WMCA have partnered with to offer a Digital Skills Foundation Programme. This is suitable for people of all ages, whether they want to upskill within their current role, or gain new insight into the business world to help them secure their next role. 
  • The programme covers topics such as Digital Transformation and developments across the digital, transport and engineering industries. Learners will have access to 7 courses (4 compulsory, 3 elective) by business leaders such as Ömer Atiker, Lash Saranna and Justin Anderson.

How does this affect you as a local business?

  • As a business, you may be considering a new strategy, particularly during these difficult times. Perhaps you would like to think about a new strategy, but have no idea where to start. Or you may have a strategy in mind, yet are not sure how to implement it without changing or upskilling your workforce.
  • The WMCA-funded Digital Skills Foundation Programme equips people with the knowledge and outlook that is needed to enforce positive change. We already have a pool of candidates who have improved their  employability from this programme, and are ready to work in a company such as yours. Alternatively, the Digital Skills Foundation Programme can be used to upskill your current workforce, and give them the encouragement and the promotions that they deserve.