Review of the IP enforcement framework: Call for Evidence

Consultation description

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is the government agency responsible for ensuring that the IP framework enables businesses and individuals to protect and enforce their IP rights. The IPO develops policies to ensure that the IP enforcement legal framework is up-to-date and fit for purpose. This framework can be described as the tools which can be used to protect a creation or invention from being used without the owner’s consent.

In our IP Enforcement 2020 Strategy, we committed to reviewing existing methods of legal recourse for IP infringement to ensure they are effective, consistent, and proportionate. This Call for Evidence is to gather information to feed into the review. We welcome responses from all IP rights holders who have used or thought about using the framework to protect or defend their IP rights.

There are three key themes for the review; the cost of legal challenges, how accessible and effective the judicial process is, and improvements to the Small Claims Track. There is an additional section focussed on the inclusion of registered designs in the Small Claims Track. Only respond to the theme(s) which are relevant to you.

Respond to the Call for Evidence by filling in the response template at the bottom of this page. Email the template to informal Call for Evidence seeks views on the cost and effectiveness of judicial processes when protecting IP rights in the UK

This consultation closes at
11:45am on 2 November 2020

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