Preparing for a No Deal Brexit - Guidance and call for business views

What are the impacts on business if the UK leaves the EU without a deal? The UK government have released a series of ‘no deal’ technical notices and practical guides that provide information relating to potential outcomes. We have created a set of brief summaries (with links to full content) for some of the notices relating to businesses.

Central Government has announced it is increasing Brexit “no deal” planning. We are working closely with the Cities and Local Growth Unit at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to understand its impact on business. We would be extremely grateful if you could assist in the gathering of local intelligence, whether you are representing a business, partner organisation or intermediary organisation.

We therefore ask you to support this with your views by filling in our survey or sending an email to us with your thoughts on issues around Brexit, whether you have concerns or not, are conducting any preparation activities etc. 

We and our partners are available to speak to you and support you with every aspect of your business. There is also guidance offered through the Brexit websites and a "No Deal" advice section::

A tool has been developed for businesses as well to help them prepare for EU Exit. It asks businesses to answer 7 questions across key business operation areas that will be impacted and then pulls together guidance from across Gov relating to their circumstances. You can find it online here -

The “Preparing for EU Exit” website is the central site for guidance aimed at businesses and individuals, please see the link here