Manufacturing Barometer Winter 2017/18

Welcome to the Manufacturing Barometer Survey
Winter 2017/18 

'Productivity and Culture'

As the largest survey of its kind, the Manufacturing Barometer represents a collective voice of the UK’s SME manufacturers. Mapping the confidence of the manufacturing sector to realise their own, local, national and economic growth goals. Results attract the attention of local and central government.

Special focus: Productivity and Culture
This quarter, the Barometer looks at the extent to which productivity good practice is integrated into the culture of UK SME manufacturing businesses. With the desire to drive up productivity still very much on the government agenda, the results should help demonstrate support the UK manufacturing sector requires in order to meet productivity objectives and make sustainable improvements.

Aiming to further understand UK manufacturers priorities on a national and local level, building on outcomes of previous Manufacturing Barometers. Last quarters Barometer productivity focus revealed that manufacturers wanted to prioritise getting more out of their existing people and processes over investing in automation and robotics. 

The more manufacturers who take part... The greater the influence of the Barometer
The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Once the survey is closed and the data analysed, you will receive a report of the findings.

The findings, collated from opinions of senior decision makers are used to help lobby Government on behalf of SME manufacturers, ensuring they have necessary support to operate sustainable business growth.
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