Coventry Business Receives £60k Grant for New Innovations

Totem Learning Ltd makes digital learning products for clients all over the world. From 90 second virtual reality modules to 30 minute fully immersive games, Totem exists to bring learning to life.

The company has been awarded a £60,000 Innovation grant from The CW Innovation Test Bed Programme, which is part funded by European Regional Development Fund. The funding has contributed towards the production of 7 fully interactive assessment exercises for a large military client. These games are being used to test the effectiveness of new training programmes supporting the set up and running of remote satellite communication systems.

This was a hugely demanding project coordinated through Coventry but spanning the world, nothing like these games had ever been designed before. The deadline was extremely tight and the specification of the products highly technically demanding with no previous blueprint to work from.

The grant enabled Totem to run rapid prototyping and to partner with another specialist software company in Ukraine to build the products in the given timeframe.

All 7 games were delivered to a satisfied customer on time and are now being used as part of the wider training programme in the field. As a result of this project Totem’s employees’ numbers increased.