“WMG – Back to business”

The Covid 19 epidemic has forced unprecedented levels of business shutdown globally. Unlike previous discrete events (earthquake, regime change, terrorism etc) its international effect has brought virtually all sectors of the economy to a hard stop with demand disappearing overnight due to the protective measures imposed by many countries.

The UK is now at a point where the initial steps towards a return to business operation can be considered. What is fact is that conditions that businesses will return to and have to operate in will be very different to those previous to the outbreak. This “new normal” will place considerable demands on the leadership of any business and this WMG offer aims to help and support as businesses start to reopen and re-establish themselves.

Given the scale and speed of events leading to the current lockdown measures many businesses did not have sufficient time to react and hence many shutdowns were less than elegant. Extended closures make restarting complex enough. Added dimensions relating to public health (PH) guidelines, workforce concerns and financial pressures make it imperative that Leadership access to help and expertise is available.


The offer:

WMG has built a strong presence assisting SME’s at all levels across the West Midlands. The back to business offer pulls together elements of our WMG SME skillset , offers and tools in one package aimed at the manufacturing aspects of the business restart process.

We have made the offer modular – businesses can take a “pick and mix “approach depending on which aspects are most relevant. The topics we cover are:

PH guidelines   - compliance with social distancing in the workplace, risk assessment, optimising factory layouts and office space, modelling flow, batch sizes, establishing secure remote working, shifts and running patterns.
Restarting manufacturing systems  - data integrity and cleanup, master schedule rebuild, wip integrity, order book cleanup, process routings and key report generation
Supply Chain restart - risk assessment and segmentation, gaps, resourcing, stock policies, reshoring, de risking new materials, WIP sentencing.
Re-establishing process capability – machine assessment, six sigma and Lean analysis, data capture and analysis, capability studies, plating and heat treatment lines, metrology.
Performance measurement- simple short term measurement, rapid plant assessment, management dashboard, prioritising.
E-commerce – new offers and routes to market, online selling, web presence
“30,60,90” day plan  - pulls it all together, prioritisation, structure, road map to the “new normal”

Each topic is delivered via a combination of structured remote meetings (site visits will be added as and when current restrictions are lifted) with leadership and interactive offsite analysis and processing of data ( numerical, factory layouts, simulations etc). We anticipate two days to complete initial feedback and recommendations for each topic but it could be longer depending on the starting position of the business or if a particularly “deep dive” into a specific aspect is requested.