NatWest Business Builder Workshop - Understanding your Customer

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Thursday, 25 June, 2020 - 16:00 to 17:00

NatWest Business Builder Workshop - Understanding your Customer



Online Event
United Kingdom

It’s been said so many times, but Customer really is King. And yet with so many different types of customer, demographics and subsections of society, it can be difficult to answer that simplest of questions; ‘Who is my customer?’. Understanding who your customer is vital to ensuring your business operates as efficiently and profitably as possible. For this 60-minute Zoom session, join the NatWest Business Builder Team as we explore the different ways you can focus on falling in love with the problem you solve, before you fall in love with your solution, ensuring that what you’re investing precious time and resource into is going to delight your customers. We’ll talk about the why’s, the where’s and the how’s of Customer Discovery so that you come away with a solid understanding of what your next steps and techniques will be to better understand who you serve.

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