NatWest Business Builder Workshop - Setting Goals to Accelerate

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Tuesday, 7 July, 2020 - 10:00 to 11:00

NatWest Business Builder Workshop - Setting Goals to Accelerate



United Kingdom

We all have goals, certain things we strive for. A certain level of turnover, multiple product streams, outsourcing development. Setting goals quite often isn’t a struggle but sticking to them and building those goals into everyday decision making can often be challenging and so quite often, we lose control and sight of what we really want . For this 60-minute Zoom session, join the NatWest Business Builder team as we take a look setting long term visions to keep you inspired and motivated, then break those visions down into milestones that feel manageable and that result in you having a clear list of actions, allowing you to feel in control and feel your own progress towards those big ticket goals. We’ll also talk you through how to benchmark opportunities that may come your way to see if they are likely to help you to achieve your goals or prove to be an unwanted distraction.

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