Hemp for Victory

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Wednesday, 27 November, 2019 - 10:30 to 13:30

Hemp for Victory


Product Earth


Stoneleigh CV8 2LZ
United Kingdom

*** Hemp for Victory! ***

How the UK will harness the economic and environmental potential of hemp!


Product Earth is the UK's leading hemp and cannabis event business. The NAEC is pleased to be the new home for the annual expo which aims to bring together hundreds of businesses and thousands of consumers.

The Product Earth mission is to connect, educate & inform those interested in wellbeing, sustainability & health with quality hemp, CBD & cannabis businesses in a safe & trusted environment.

The Product Earth team would like to invite the agricultural community, based at Stoneleigh Park, to learn more about the economic, environmental and ecological impact of hemp.


The hemp farming industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. Growing at 400% annually, in the US and 300% annually in continental Europe!

However, the UK is lagging behind and key to catching up is an understanding of hemp and its potential applications in a wide variety of consumer industries. This is a huge opportunity for British farmers.

Product Earth convenes a group of leaders from the UK's hemp industry to provide education and real-world experience about growing hemp in the UK.

The following speakers are billed for this event:


Gavin Sathianathan

Product Earth co-founder


Gavin, a Harvard Business School & Imperial College graduate is CEO and Founder of Alta Flora, a medical cannabis company. He is also a Board Director for Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies and a Trustee of the United Patients Alliance. Gavin was previously with Tesco, Facebook, Endemol and Bain & Company. He co-founded Product Earth with James Walton, and now sits on the board of the company.

Tony Reeves

Hemp Innovation Hub co-founder


Tony is one of the leaders in the European hemp industry and sits on the board of the European Industrial Hemp Association. He combines a science background with an in-depth knowledge, extensive international network and commercial insight to drive the discussion on the benefits of hemp, CBD and other cannabinoids to a diverse audience encompassing parliamentarians, Whitehall, regulators and the media including a contribution to the BBC’s ‘Food Programme’ - supporting the development and expansion of the global industry. Tony is an advisor to a number of blue-chip brands, major medicinal cannabis organisations and a global consulting firm on the CBD market.

Alex Sparrow

UK Hempcrete

Alex Sparrow is founder and MD at UK Hempcrete Ltd., an English company with an international reach, specialising in the design and construction of the structural and thermal envelope of buildings from natural, renewable, carbon-sequestering and often recycled materials.

As well as construction and specialist material supply, UK Hempcrete offers design, consultancy and training services to assist others in the use of natural materials in construction.

Alongside his work at UK Hempcrete, Alex sits on the board of the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP), an organisation which champions construction products that are better for people and the environment, as well as those companies and organisations prepared to push the boundaries. The ASBP seeks to support industry to make better decisions, and legislators to make better policy, and works from a position of independence from government and from short term commercial interests.

Alex co-authored The Hempcrete Book; Designing and Building with Hemp-lime, published in 2014 by Green Books, and often cited as the definitive guide to this better-than-zero-carbon construction material.

Ruairi Giles

Harrison Spinks

Harrison Spinks is one of Great Britain’s most established and innovative bed makers. The fifth-generation bed-maker has been manufacturing luxury mattresses under the Harrison, Somnus, Hybed and Spink & Edgar brands since 1840.

For almost 180 years the company has led the way in the bed industry by creating pioneering pocket spring technology and championing the use of 100 percent natural fillings. From drawing its own wire for its unique spring technology to growing hemp on its own farm in Yorkshire, Harrison Spinks is one of the most vertically integrated bed manufacturers in the world.

Ruairi Giles has been Commercial Director at Harrison Spinks since 2008.

Catherine Wilson


Catherine Wilson is the managing director of CannaWell, one of the longest established hemp and CBD companies in the UK. Catherine is also a board member of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA). EIHA is the voice of hemp farmers and processors across Europe with offices in Brussels and Cologne, representing the entire chain from seed to shelf. EIHA's primary objective is to monitor EU hemp related policies and to provide the EU and national decision makers with accurate and reliable information across different spheres of competencies; currently monitoring the following policies: CAP reform, Hemp extracts/Novel Food regulation, THC limits in feed and food, Life Cycle Assessment of hemp materials, CO2 impacts, environmental concerns and cosmetics.

Catherine's background as a processor in the recycling sector, her participation in developing the national operational framework and her later role in compliance prove valuable as a stakeholder representative in the hemp sector. Her environmental background fuels her passion to educate to dispel the myths and misconceptions about hemp and recognise it as an agricultural crop offering raw materials and solutions to create next generation, environmentally responsible products.


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