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Wednesday, 23 October, 2019 - 09:00 to Thursday, 24 October, 2019 - 18:00

Festival of Enterprise


Festival of Enterprise


Marston Greem Birmingham B40 1NT
United Kingdom

Strategy can be sidetracked in the day to day running of a business, and scaling up takes the back seat as you end up dealing with piles of paperwork, projects going wrong or dealing with your overflowing inbox.

This shows in the statistics – according to the ScaleUp Institute, scaleups bring in £1.3tn of the £1.9tn generated by all UK SMEs. The remainder is brought in by millions of companies not making anywhere near as much of an impact as they could.

There’s clearly more than a few secrets business owners need to learn about when it comes to growth. Fortunately, the Festival of Enterprise will reveal them all. 



Foundations of the event

Across 4 main stages and 3 masterclasses run by Google, LinekdIn & WTT, there’s hours and hours of content to benefit from.

This is where you will learn from real business experiences.

Hear how they went about getting the funding that enabled their growth.

How they grew their management and delivery teams. The big obstacles they overcame and how they re-shaped their plans as they grew.



Freedom to focus

The suppliers you’ll meet at the exhibition part of the event will have expertise in areas you don’t.

They will show you how they can free your business up to focus on what it does best.

Successful businesses often delegate non-core tasks. It frees them from tasks that other people are better suited for. It enables them to focus on growth.



Keeping you on track with the things that matter most

The demands of running a business day to day can get you sidetracked from the strategy.

Those demands can also impede your creativity and innovation.

Being in the company of thousands of other owners and entrepreneurs is invigorating.

We call it “being in the ideas zone.”

It’s a place that all business owners and managers need to be in from time to time.



Making it all worthwhile

Owning, running and growing a business is demanding.

Those long hours spent working and away from your family need to be rewarded.

That’s why the Festival of Enterprise has a whole section devoted to personal finance.

And why there are experts on hand to talk about planning a successful exit strategy when you feel that the goals for this particular business have been achieved.



For more information and to book your ticket visit: https://www.festivalofenterprise.co.uk/about/

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