Export Growth Masterclasses - Coventry & Warwickshire

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Thursday, 25 October, 2018 - 15:00 to Wednesday, 5 December, 2018 - 16:00

Export Growth Masterclasses - Coventry & Warwickshire


Whatever your size or sector, the rewards from selling your products or services overseas can be huge. West Midlands Chambers of Commerce ERDF SME International Growth Project along with the Department for International Trade are hosting a series of Masterclasses designed to give you the support to grow your business on a global scale…

We would encourage you to attend all three Masterclasses however if you only wish to attend one or two, that’s no problem and this can be selected through the booking process.

1. How to increase your export sales (25 October 2018)

  • Building your Selling Overseas Value Proposition on the canvas provided
  • How to upsell to your existing international client base
  • Methods and techniques to identify new clients
  • Understanding Export Markets and Drivers
  • Ways of building greater brand awareness/reputation amongst overseas buyers
  • Opportunities to sell through different channels
  • How to make the most of Department for International Trade networks and overseas contacts
  • Writing and submitting tenders and formal proposals
  • Preparing for a market visit(s)
  • Mitigating your export growth risks
  • Following up and getting feedback with different cultures around the world

2. International negotiation skills (22 November 2018)

  • Understanding in different cultures what a “negotiation” is and the “ “8 steps to successful negotiation” involved
  • How to understand and negotiate with differing body languages around the world
  • How to plan effectively for improved results
  • Applying the Value Proposition Canvas (introduced during the “How to Increase Your Export Sales Masterclass”) to create and claim value in a negotiation
  • Consideration of different cultures business styles and the impact this has on negotiations
  • Identifying potential biases and other factors that can affect outcomes
  • How to and when not to use influence to improve the outcome
  • Identifying when not to negotiate
  • Agreeing “The Deal” skills
  • Effective following up techniques

3. Pitching your business to an international audience (05 December 2018)

  • Understanding your target export market(s) and drivers
  • Research your audience and ensure you are aware of their business style, culture and market
  • Pitching for Export Opportunities via .gov.uk Export Opportunities services platform
  • How to clarify and communicate your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) when pitching using your Value Proposition Canvas work
  • Introducing your company - getting the pitch and positioning right both in writing and verbally
  • Writing and submitting tenders and formal proposals
  • Inspiring presentation skills
  • How to make the most of Department for International Trade networks and overseas contacts during a market visit pitch opportunity
  • Following up and getting feedback with different cultures around the world

Selling Overseas Value Proposition Canvas:

  • All three Masterclasses use, reference and apply the Selling Overseas Value Proposition Canvas (pictured below) which will be given to participants during the first Masterclass and will be referred to throughout the series.
  • About the trainer:
  • Richard Jeffery from Business Navigators will be the trainer delivering these sessions. Business Navigators have delivered international training for the last 16 years helping businesses improve their export strategy, value proposition and competitor analysis.


This event is funded by West Midlands Chambers of Commerce’s ERDF SME International Growth Project and we therefore require attendees to complete and submit this simple online form unless your firm has done so already. In order to attend you must be an SME registered within the West Midlands. On receipt of this we will process your workshop place.

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