Business Culture Workshops: USA & Canada

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Thursday, 20 September, 2018 - 09:00 to 12:30

Business Culture Workshops: USA & Canada



1 Snow Hill, Queensway, Birmingham B4 6GH
United Kingdom

What could be more rewarding than seeing your company grow beyond borders?

This series of Businesss Culture Workshops gives you the chance to learn about a markets culture before visiting, making sure you make the best impression and start your business relationship off on the right foot. 

The masterclasses will cover:

  • Different business and economic environments
  • Business cultures: religion, language, values, and customs
  • Business communication and negotiation styles
  • Understanding and overcoming common trade barriers / pitfalls
  • E-commerce strategy
  • Case studies and how to deal with tricky situations

What could be more rewarding than seeing your company grow beyond borders...

The US is Britain’s largest trading partner. Working with Americans can be costly if you make irreversible mistakes, as there are many communication and cultural challenges for SMEs and new exporters that can create barriers.

The UK exported £8.2 billion of goods and services to Canada in 2016, making it the UK’s eighth biggest export market outside the EU. The UK is Canada’s seventh largest source of goods imports and second largest services trading partner.

Canada is geographically connected to the USA but there are distinct cultural, communication and language differences.

This Business Culture masterclass, will help you to understand the differences in business conduct in the two bordering markets and will give advice on how to avoid pitfalls.

The training will cover:

  • different business and economic environments
  • business communication and negotiation styles
  • challenges and solutions for doing business
  • understanding and overcoming common pitfalls
  • ease of doing business
  • market entry
  • US e-commerce and how to be successful
  • Canadian e-commerce and how to be successful
  • US and British English language differences
  • Canadian language differences

If you would like any additional information prior to registering you can contact our dedicated Language & Culture specialist, as detailed below:

Gerti Willis AMIEx | Communication & Culture Adviser Tel: +44 (0)121 607 1942 M: 07971 144070 E-mail:


This event is funded by West Midlands Chambers of Commerce’s ERDF SME International Growth Project and we therefore require attendees to complete and submit this simple online form unless your firm has done so already. In order to attend you must be an SME registered within the West Midlands. On receipt of this we will process your place on the workshop.

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