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What Do You Need?

Whether you’re a startup in need of a growth strategy, an established company looking to increase profitability, or somewhere in between, we’ll match you to a business advisor who has the commercial experience to guide you to success.


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How We Can Help

We’re your single gateway to navigating the best private and public sector business support available. We’re your foot in the door, your insider knowledge, your expert resource. We’re in your corner.


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Why Work With Us

Since 2014, we’ve helped more than 3,000 businesses in Coventry and Warwickshire become more efficient, move into bigger premises, or increase competitiveness.


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£ 155,000,000
£ 190,000,000



Impartial Advice

There's no agenda other than to help you grow your business

Client Focused

Our job it to find just the right fit for your business

Commercially Experienced

Advice from people who have been there and got the t-shirt

Grow Your Business

Whatever stage your business is at we can help you get to the next level



Why Get Involved




We have more than 200 years' successful commercial experience

One Stop Shop

Help with exporting, skills, property, finance, technology and much more

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Access our extensive book of contacts and local knowledge


We are a friendly team and we're on your side all the way




Beware of Inventive Fraudulent Scams

The threat from fraudsters continues to grow as criminals find ever more inventive ways to try and con people out of their money.

Figures from a recent report, the Annual Fraud Indicator, show that fraud now costs the UK more than £190 billion a year.

According to Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA UK), fraudsters are using tactics such as scam emails and fake adverts on social media or internet searches which offer substantial discounts on goods and services to trick people into visiting fake websites and handing over their card details.



What Financial Solutions are Available in the SME Market?

Funding for growth is a continuous journey, but one that is particularly onerous for those businesses in the early stages of development.

Many small businesses are started with overdrafts or credit cards or with help from family or friends, or by putting up the family home as security. At some point, the business has to stand on its own two feet if it is to remain viable.



Choosing the Right Suppliers: Due Diligence

Carrying out supplier due diligence is an essential part of any outsourcing process.

It allows both parties to understand exactly what is required under the outsourcing arrangement, evaluate the costs and practical aspects of service delivery, and establish whether the two parties will be able to work well together at a cultural and organisational level.      



What to do When Your Last Succession Hope Vanishes

Succession planning can be tricky for family businesses at the best of times and constant changes to the family tree as individuals get divorced and re-marry can affect future plans.

For family business owners planning for retirement, there is nothing worse than finding out that their preferred choice of successor has decided to take a step back or has changed their mind.



The Do's and Dont's of a Good Business Plan

A Business Plan should be the 'Bible' of your business, if you are starting out it should be where you jot every idea, this document will show you your business journey, the errors in which you need to resolve. It is also to show other people (that don't know you or the business) what the purpose(s) of the business is. There are many templates out there that you can use for guidance. Here are the main areas of a business plan.

The Owner(s)?



Employer Branding – What Does it Mean & Why Does it Matter?

Branding is a topic close to our hearts and rather on our minds here, having recently rebranded from Quorum People to QPLtalent. But what do we really mean by ‘employer branding’ and why does it really matter?



Why it's Important to Have a Contract of Employment in Place

Despite it being a legal obligation, many business owners think that it’s in their interests to delay giving an employee a contract, or not bothering at all, but this article will explain the importance of having employment contracts in place.

Clarity and avoids disputes

Even without anything written down, when an employee turns up for work and gets paid, there is a basic employment contract agreement between the two parties. 



Take Good Advice Early; Invest in Good Advice Now

There are many important issues to consider when setting up a business.

Understandably, the appointment of an accountant is not always seen as being key from the outset.

It is often only when your first set of tax returns and accounts are required that this is done and it is often too late in the day. At this point many business owners regret not getting this right from day one.

An initial meeting with a pro-active and business minded accountant based locally to your business is free and can save you money by better tax planning from the start.



Employee Engagement: Empower Your Team

It’s fair to say that getting established in business typically ignites a directive style in many of us. There’s a sense of immediacy with what needs to be done and as a Director/Owner you may well be operating with authority, directing those people who work for you towards a specific outcome. At this early stage you are getting to know the capabilities of your team, building your confidence in their delivery and often working through the daily crisis that crops up to keep your business alive. There’s no doubt that in the early days, a directive style is one that proves most useful.



Generate New Revenue Streams: The Sales Opportunity

Most companies have the ambition to grow and this generally means creating more sales and generating new revenue streams.

But there are a couple of key questions you need to ask before embarking on the process: Does the business have the potential to grow and how is it going to create this growth?

The first part of the process is very simple yet often overlooked. So, before anything else, take a step back and put some thought into it.

Then consider the following:


Client feedback

It’s been a fantastic inaugural eight months for the TalentTech Recruitment team and, although the reality of setting up and running a company can be a somewhat daunting experience, we have been extremely grateful for the superb help, advice and guidance given to us along our journey by Gavin Barnett and the team at CW Growth Hub. Gavin’s introductions to both Warwick & Coventry Universities and his wider business network have been absolutely invaluable.

TalentTech Recruitment LTD,

For many individuals out there, it is very hard to figure out ways and know which direction to go when it comes to setting up a business. The challenges of taking your idea and bringing it to life and not knowing where to go and who to speak to for advice. it can get very frustrating..

King of Saffron LTD,

This grant [which we received with the help of the Growth Hub and Coventry City Council] will really help us get on track for business growth and succeed with our vision. Personally, I would also like to thank the team for supporting me through the grant application process. You have been very approachable and attentive throughout.

Exeter Analytical (UK) Limited,

Thank you for the comprehensive and professional guidance

Burbidge & Son Ltd,

Over the years since the Growth Hub was set up we have habitually gone to our Account Manager as a one-stop shop for all business-related information.  It has been a really convenient way of finding suppliers, advisors and, on one occasion, we even asked for assistance with finding customers.  We are invited to a wide range of business events including business development workshops, Brexit roundtable discussions, seminars on various topics and have also been asked to speak at some events.  When we have needed additional information, for example, finding finance sources or help with selecti

Marchantcain Design Limited,

Get Ready to Grow



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